Streamlined Immigration Case Management

Immigration and naturalization processes in the U.S. entail a cumbersome paper-based approach of collecting information, filling out the relevant forms, and submitting the completed forms to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency for processing. However, this manual system is often fraught with human errors and workflow inefficiencies, which lead to delays in completing immigration applications.

To address this setback and offer a simpler, more efficient, and error-free immigration case processing system, California-based was born. The legal tech solution provider offers a comprehensive case management software that automates the entire process by intuitively navigating through the different stages of consultation, appointment setting, case assignments, and forms generation—thereby streamlining the job of attorneys, petitioners and beneficiaries/applicants alike.

In an interview with CIO Applications, Dinesh Arsid, founder of, discusses the company’s inception, growth, and future in the field of legal technology solutions.

Can you give us an overview of your product or solution?

Conventionally, an immigration law firm struggles to complete an immigration application using the paper-based methods. We have revamped it with our cloud based automated solution. assists attorneys by creating custom case types, workflows, reminders, to-dos, templates, custom checklists, billing, time tracker, invoicing and reporting with effective monitoring and/or delegation along with staff management at various locations. Our cloud based solution has robust CRM, two way sync for contacts and calendars with Google Suite, Outlook, Exchange and others. Chronological notes and activity tracking, two way text/SMS and MMS, custom forms and editable document generation through custom templates are some of the features that differentiate us. facilitates client portals, where clients can manage their data entry, upload and share documents and monitor the case status. This reduces time to complete the application. As a result, multiple applications can be finalized at a rapid pace.

To further boost the efficiency of managing multiple immigration applications, we have incorporated web-based chats, text messaging, and email functionalities with real-time activity tracking. These capabilities simplify communication between attorneys and clients, thereby enabling both parties to monitor the case progress. also assists attorneys and petitioners/employers in the realm of employment-based immigration compliance, LCA management, DOL audit report and public access file generation.

How does your solution help attorneys and applicants optimize the processing of immigration forms?

Our system’s collaboration capabilities help attorneys and clients share information seamlessly. Our dynamically generated smart questionnaires based on the case type and case forms reduce data entry for both attorneys and clients, thus reducing the time required to complete the immigration application. Furthermore, we offer real-time chronological activity tracker to facilitate easy monitoring of client’s current application status, thus creating a more transparent environment. Our client portals enhance law firm’s ability to handle multiple cases simultaneously, and at the same time, track and monitor the specifics of each client.

What according to you are the key differentiators of your company?

We have seen that law firms use different solutions for different functions such as Calendaring, SMS/Text, Notes, Immigration forms generation, Document storage, Accounting, Payment processing and so on. Integration of all these functionalities is cumbersome and subscriptions to all these services is expensive. Training new team member in all these applications becomes a challenge. Our solution combines all these functions and more in one simple user friendly interface and saves law firms or all sizes a very considerable amount of time, effort and money. Since our solution is cloud based, it is accessible from anywhere and on any device, it can be a computer, laptop, iPad or even a mobile phone.

Our solution has multiple layers of security and is hosted on robust scalable Amazon servers, with separation between core application logic, database and document storage with end to end encryption.

How does envision the next 12-18 months?

Currently, we are on the verge of launching a new proprietary marketing platform for law firms. The new platform, will provide best of website, mobile and social media ads, unique, trackable, and text-enabled memorable toll free phone numbers for attorneys to accelerate lead generation. The platform would assist law firms in effectively promoting their brand with best of online, mobile and offline/referral marketing. (1.8 Pro Law Web) will directly integrate with, case management system. Furthermore, our roadmap includes electronic signature, and legal payment processor integration to provide a 360-degree end to end practice management.